At Feline Company, we are supporters of the movers, the shakers, and the makers. Whatever it may be, we here at Feline Co. want to see people chase after their dreams. At the start of 2015, we launched our Spotlights campaign to shine a light onto passionate and talented people around the community to support and bring awareness of these dreamers' dreams. Enjoy these priceless passions and we encourage you to discover your very own passions as well!


Moses and Scottie grew up in a very creative home. Their mother, being very musically talented and father,  a film maker, both moses and scottie naturally gravitated towards the art  as children. Early on, Moses was trained in classical piano while Scottie began writing songs at the young age of 16--which was inspired by her parents Joni Mitchell records. In 2008 they worked on their first project together starring in their father's film "South Dakota". later continuing in their musical endeavors, Moses picked up other instruments and Scottie grew as a singer/songwriter. But it wasn't until the summer of 2013 that the duo, whilst sprawled out on the kitchen floor and hashing out their first song together "Scenic Route", that they decided to combine their creative talents to form Seablood. 


Q: Who's your inspiration?                                                                           A: Joni Mitchell & Cat Stevens

Q: A word to describe seablood?                                                                  A: honest

Q: What genre of music would you guys consider yourselves?             A: Indie Folk Rock

Q: Where/what do you expect from Seablood in the next year or so?      A: To play at Coachella at some point. But our main mission is to bring hope with our music. We want to be a voice for the voiceless in a sense. 

Q: Whats the story behind north shore?                                                     A: In Hawaii last year, there was a girl involved in my life. I couch surfed and fell in love with the island. She was a part of it all

Q: Why "Seablood"?                                                                                   A:  Because we have salt water running through our veins...and we are part mermaid