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Emerging from San Diego, California, Hannah Renee is a neo-soulstress music visionary. Her personal style is eclectic, and her voice is sultry. At the age of just 10 years, Hannah began recording in her uncle's basement studio in Toronto, Canada. From then on, she began recording in multiple studios and performing to live audiences. After releasing her first ep, Sugar Iced Tea(2012) and her debut album Feels Like Home(2014), Hannah has tapped into her passion for singing and songwriting at full speed. She finds inspiration from great artists like Amy Winehouse, Ella Fitzgerald, Joss Stone, and Erykah Badu to name a few. Today, Hannah Renee is continuing her development by combining her favorite genres of music all into one; "a new wave r&b sound with pop and hip-hop fusion" as she describes it. As she heads back into the studio for the next year to work on her sophomore album, this unique star is one to keep an eye on in 2015. 

Curious about Hannah Renee?

Q: What made you pursue this career?

A: Surrounding myself with music my whole life has given me countless opportunities to be expressive and active. Without music I would just blowup. The conversation of a song helps to emit my self-expression and joy and it is my goal to stay genuine throughout the process. Singing for me is one of those innate feelings. I just know I'm supposed to do this. 

Q: whats the story behind hey world?

A: "Hey World" was the first single off my record Feels Like Home. It's an empowering song for me and my listeners. It's one of those feel good songs with the powerful message behind it. It's simply arranged, but it's one of my favorites I've ever written for sure. You can be mad as hell and listen to it, or just having the best day ever. It speaks to anyone.


Q: if you could collaborate with any artist (dead or alive) who would it be?

A: I could never choose just one. Dead: Amy Winehouse. No questions there. Alive: a three way tie between James Blake, Kaytranada, and J. Cole. Because I consistently love everything they do.  

Q: whats your music genre/vibe in one or two words?

A: Soulful. Thought-provoking.

Q: so you've recently released a music video, what should we expect next from you?

A: It's funny because I put so much heart into something and it drives my adrenaline to keep creating. I've been in the studio nonstop ever since I finished my record last year and I'm already working on three separate projects. I'm a chameleon right now and thriving off that ability to change whenever I want. Seeing my visions from childhood come to reality is unreal, so I keep dreaming bigger and its terrifyingly awesome. I'm positive my new sound is going to shock people when they hear it. What I expect from myself however, is nothing but greatness.


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