At Feline Company, we are supporters of the movers, the shakers, and the makers. Whatever it may be, we here at Feline Co. want to see people chase after their dreams. At the start of 2015, we launched our Spotlights campaign to shine a light onto passionate and talented people around the community to support and bring awareness of these dreamers' dreams. Enjoy these priceless passions and we encourage you to discover your very own passions as well!


Arms Akimbo is an emerging native Los Angeles, indie rock band, comprised of Matthew Sutton (bass), Peter Schrupp (vocals and guitar), Chris Kalil (guitar) and Colin Boppell (drums and vocals). Each having an eclectic musical background, they came together in 2015 to form Arms Akimbo. On April 20th, 2015, Arms Akimbo released ‘Vignettes’, their first EP which they recorded and produced themselves. One of the more unique qualities of the band is that their roles are versatile. During live performances you can see them bouncing from instrument to instrument, fulfilling whichever role they need. Not only is their sound unique, raw, harmony-packed, and percussion- driven, but their energetic attitudes are infectious. Together on stage these guys give it their all, and have a great time doing it. The Feline Co. team  had front row tickets to get to know the group up close & share them with you their passions.

Sit down with JNNA: 

Q: What's your earliest memory of music?

A: Driving around with my older sisters listening to D'Angelos, "One Mo Gin" and "Devils Pie"

Q: Was there someone who influenced you to sing and/or get involved with?

A: Well when I was really little, my parents let me take lessons with a coach just because I loved to sing. But more recently, I think my biggest influence is my dad. He passed away three years ago and he always just wanted me to pursue whatever made me happiest. I know he'd be proud to know I'm singing and working towards my dreams. 

Q: How does if feel to know your song Closer to You is being shared to hundreds of thousands of people?

A: I got the chills just thinking about it right now. Seriously, it's the most insane feeling I've ever had. It just makes me so happy to know that people are jamming out to that song at home, in their cars, or at parties. It's unreal. 

Q: What genre of music do you consider yourself?

A: Since I'm just starting out and developing as an artist, I'm still not exactly set on a specific genre. So far, my music is pretty eclectic so I would say Pop/Indie/Electronic

Q: How has your taste in music evolved over the years? Or has it not?

A: It definitely has! Although I can't say it has changed, it has definitely expanded. I have always been a fan of classic rock and indie bands. However, over the years, I have been listening to more and more rap and electronic/indie electronic music. Bottom line, I have a very eclectic taste in music. If you go through my Top 25 Played on my Apple music, it goes from The Shins to Flume to Lauryn Hill to Disclosure to Lawrence Taylor and so on! 

Q: You obviously have great style. What made you go down the music route compared to the fashion one?

A: Hey thanks! Well the two have always been huge passions of mine ever since I was a little girl but I've never actually considered fashion as a career. However, I will always love clothes and will constantly spend money that I don't have on things that I absolutely don't need but definitely want. Bottom line, I love clothes, but music is why I live.

Q: Is there someone you'd like to thank or acknowledge over the course of your journey so far?

A: Yes, I'd love to thank my love Doug, he has been my biggest means of support and given me more confidence than I've ever had. He really is the reason why I'm where I am today.

Q: Whats in store for us from JNNA?

A: Short term, I'm going to continue going into the studio with more Producers and not only work on collaborations but continue to work on and release my own music as well! Long term, I plan on performing and touring festivals and venues across the world. All in all, I plan on working hard to show you all JNNA!

Q: What do you order at In-n-Out?

A: #2 Animal style with animal style fries and a root beer or a Chocolate/Vanilla shake if I'm feelin' frisky!

Q: What's something that recently moved you?

A: A video of this little bird that got skin disease that made it lose all of its feathers so it couldn't fly *tears*

Q: Best piece of advice you've ever received?

A: It's okay if you're nervous, it just means you care.


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