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Arms Akimbo is an emerging native Los Angeles, indie rock band, comprised of Matthew Sutton (bass), Peter Schrupp (vocals and guitar), Chris Kalil (guitar) and Colin Boppell (drums and vocals). Each having an eclectic musical background, they came together in 2015 to form Arms Akimbo. On April 20th, 2015, Arms Akimbo released ‘Vignettes’, their first EP which they recorded and produced themselves. One of the more unique qualities of the band is that their roles are versatile. During live performances you can see them bouncing from instrument to instrument, fulfilling whichever role they need. Not only is their sound unique, raw, harmony-packed, and percussion- driven, but their energetic attitudes are infectious. Together on stage these guys give it their all, and have a great time doing it. The Feline Co. team  had front row tickets to get to know the group up close & share them with you their passions.

Curious about Arms Akimbo?

Q: If you could compare Arms Akimbo to any other band, who would it be?

A: We pull from a lot of different influences. We really enjoy harmony driven music like the Local Natives and percussive stuff like From Indian Lakes. Chris listens to almost exclusively hip hop like Chance the Rapper and Kanye. That aspect bleeds into his songwriting. 

Q: Did you all grow up surrounded by music or from musical backgrounds?

A: Sutton: I met Peter the first week of freshman year randomly walking around freshman land. We started talking about music and realized we both listened to the same obscure bands, played the same venues with our high school pop punk bands, recorded with the same producers...so we basically had that same high school experience in terms of band stuff. I met chris through Greek life and we formed a band called Killimanjaro. Colin and Peter also met through Greek life. Peter was doing a recording session at Lmu and needed some session musicians. He called us up, we recorded our song "Shakin", and the rest is history. 

Q: Did you all grow up surrounded by music or from musical backgrounds?

A: Sutton: My cousins are the only musical people in my family. One of my first memories is sitting in their garage when I was 4 years old listening to them play. I remember thinking they were so badass and I wanted to be just like them. I never really picked up music until the 4th grade when I saw School of Rock in theaters. I guess I can thank Jack Black for inspiring me to pick up music. // Schrupp: My mom bought me a guitar for Mother's Day because she wanted me to play that instead of the drums.

Q: Who would you say is the worst singer of all you guys?

A: N/A

Q: You are all graduating University in just a little while now, what happens to Arms Akimbo after the fact?

A: Sutton: We are, without a doubt, pursuing Arms Akimbo harder than ever after graduation. All of us want to make music into a career rather than a hobby. After graduation, we won't be bogged down by school and we'll be able to focus all of our energy on band stuff. Hopefully we'll be able to start touring this summer! 

Q: Do you guys have an ultimate goal for Arms Akimbo?

A: Sutton: My personal goal is to play at Coachella. My hometown is Coachella Valley and I've been going to the festival for about 7 years now. I always dreamed about being on stage there. // Schrupp: I would love for Arms Akimbo to be considered "influential" to another musician. 

Q: You guys have had quite a few appearances/shows. Which one was the most memorable and why?

A: Definitely opening for Walk the Moon was a big deal. Touring with False Puppet and The Bash Dogs was a blast for us as well.


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