Hometown: Stockholm, Sweden

Dreamtown: London, England

Favorite childhood memory? My favorite childhood memories are photography related. My passion for photography came into my life very early. There are pictures of me holding a camera when I'm just few years old. My grandfather was the one who introduced me to photography and watching him photography was always so special to me. I used to always borrow my uncle's DSLR camera until I finally got my own. And up until I got my own, I photographed on a tiny camera so his big DSLR camera was always so fascinating to me. I lived for the moments when I got to borrow it, run around and photography everything in sight. t was just pure happiness to me.

Biggest fashion don't? This will probably sound like a cliche, but don't follow trends you're not comfortable with. Speaking from personal experiences here, you truly don't have to wear what everyone else is wearing. You're not going to get more confident. In fact, it'll be the exact opposite. 

What do you usually have for breakfast? I need to have my tea...always. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day though. It doesn't really matter what I'm eating. I just want to have the time to actually sit down.

3 items always in your bag? A bottle of water, hand sanitizer and a phone charger