Hometown: La Canada, California

Dreamtown: Copenhagen, Denmark

Childhood memory? So many memories while traveling with my family that I don't even know where to start so lets just keep it a mystery. We go somewhere every winter though. So grateful to be able to travel around the world with them.

Go to breakfast? I have an acai and apple smoothie with chia seeds like religiously every good

Something you'd never wear? Birkenstocks and/or sweats. Both are signs to me that you've basically given up on yourself. Don't do it. 

Biggest pet peeve? Ill-mannered people

Drink of choice? Malbec

Favorite concert you've been to, when & why? My birthday in 2011, my (then) boyfriend took me to a Blink 182 concert with really good seats. It was Blink 182, Matt & Kim and My Chemical Romance. Before the concert started, we went backstage because my (then) boyf's dad knew them and when we met them, they were sitting on the floor of the dressing room with a helium tank and like 2 huge boxes of Magnums. They were blowing condom balloons to release during the concert. It was pretty weird but totally surreal meeting them. Later that night, I think it was Mark's son..he came up to us and asked if we needed a beer (he was like 7 years old) It was seriously the cutest thing.