Hometown :  Lancaster, California

Dreamtown: Los Angeles, California

Favorite childhood memory? "When I was younger, my brother and I would take baths together and we'd fill up the tub to the very rim. Then we would turn on the shower to pretend we were in the ocean and there were big waves coming so we would just splash around everywhere. We ended up flooding my moms bathroom a couple times and one time it was so bad it leaked through the floor of the second story and onto the first floor. We were horrible children but I love thinking back to those times together. I also remember when it was my tenth birthday and my brother had all his cute high school friends over. David, the cutest one of them all, let me wear his snapback and all my friends and I took turns letting him give us piggy back rides"

Favorite sports team? Stockton Heat!

Biggest fashion don't? Its cheesy, but don't wear something you're not comfortable in! 

Biggest pet peeve? When people don't have the basic manners down like please and thank you. Thank you! 

Best and/or worst trait you have? I'm really genuine but I have trouble expressing my emotions in certain situations.