Hometown :  Marysville, California

Dreamtown: Santa Cruz, California

Favorite childhood memory? "Spending time with my siblings like playing video games with my brother, and my sister and I creeping on my brother and his hot friends... We would find anything in our house to push it under his door so that he would open it up and we could get a glimpse at his friends! Like straws, paper, pencils, whatever"

Favorite book? Either Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz or 18 years by Madisen Kuhn. I to be a proofreader for novels or direct/act in a film!

Kindest people you know: They would have to be my mom and my sister. My mom has literally done everything should could for us after my dad passed away. She gave up everything she had to make sure my siblings and I were okay & had everything we needed regardless of her own needs. And since my sister and I are twins, we have a bigger connection tan most siblings do. She's immediately there whenever I need her. She's the first person that notices when I'm uncomfortable or if there's something wrong with me. She know exactly what to do to make me feel better too. They both just have the kindest souls. 

Would you rather find true love or 10 million dollars? "As I am a huge hopeless romantic, I would definitely want true love over 10 million dollars"